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Our team of luxury home builders in the Adelaide area can satisfy every caprice so that your dream house has no competition.

At Technik Homes we understand that the acquisition of a home you can call your own is one of the most important purchases in your life. This is why we take care of every little detail during the process of building or purchasing a home.

Our aim as professional home builders in Adelaide is to provide a living space best tailored for your preferences.

Our service portfolio offers a wide gamma of options that suit various use cases and necessary outcomes. If you are on the lookout to subdivision your current house, multi-dwelling or just assistance with your council approval our team is ready to take care of your difficulties. See some of our many successfully completed projects in the ‘Our Portfolio’ section below.



Everything you need in one place

Looking for custom home builders in Adelaide and the surrounding area? Look no further – our standards at Technik Homes demand only the highest of quality materials and execution practices. The building of a home can be a very tedious process and for this reason we try to ease out any bumps you might find along the long road of moving into your new personal living space. Whether you prefer a custom design that you always dreamt of or a complete turnkey solution – we can provide the needed result. Go through our services section and find the job you need to be done – after that, it’s our time to shine!