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The process of purchasing a home of your own consists of many vital factors culminating into one big decision. The first thing that needs to be considered is whether you want to go through all the hassle of building your home from scratch or to go for a complete turnkey solution. At Technik Homes we can leave out all the stressful parts of owning a home and provide a complete solution that just awaits your belongings.

If you do decide on a turnkey solution, there are several decisive factors that you need to consider. The first thing you need to figure out is your budget and carefully balance it to your needs and desires. Thankfully, our sales consultants can help you with a considerable amount of those difficult decisions. They will propose certain designs that match your personal preference in order to have the ideal choice set out for you.

A huge advantage of turnkey solutions is that you will not have to lift a finger before settling in. Everything down to the finest detail like fencing and landscaping is completed! It is a practical solution for first-time buyers or investors. Most offers consist of the house combined with the land that goes with it.

Our Technik Homes sales consultants’ task is to figure out what offer best suits your personal preferences because your living quarters is one place that you need to enjoy spending time at. Pick a location and let the wheels set in motion. Your personal sales consultant will establish a clear and understandable contract containing everything agreed between the two parties.

The next step is to have your finance approvals and finish with all the paperwork but if you need more time to prepare your finances maybe you should consider building off-the-plan. This is when you agree to purchase a property at the time of construction.

Through the process, you can stay in touch with your sales consultant who will arrange selection appointments so you can add a bit of your vision to the project. Also, the customer care team will keep you up to date with how the project is coming up and show you progress.

Within touching distance of project completion, you will be able to have a room-by-room tour of your home. At Technik Homes we insist on double-checking the details to make sure nothing spoils your future accommodation.