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All building activities or land re-organization require permission from the specific local governmental structure. The case in Adelaide is not different, as every building endeavor or alterations of the usage or property requires a council approval from the City of Adelaide.

This process may sometimes be long and tedious and does require a bit of knowledge on the matter. This is where we – Technik Homes come to save your time and execute the job flawlessly. Use our valuable expertise and irreplaceable insights for the best results in the shortest period possible.

The Development approval process can be divided between two main divisions – Planning and Building Approvals. While the planning council approval is aimed at the impact of the proposed use on the neighboring lands, the building council approval checks if the development proposal is intact with the Building Code of Australia and the Plumbing Regulations.


Unfortunately, often our client’s plans may require both of those approvals that come via two separate applications. Our Technik Home legal specialists work together with our engineers for both inspecting your case and ensuring that everything with your application runs flawlessly without any delays.

Sometimes a simple job like placing a new fence might bring many complications garnered with lots of lost time. Since a fence is most of the times placed on a boundary between two lands, the ownership of the fence is split between the two owners, even if it is not placed exactly on the border. These legal matters have to be solved with your neighbors even if you intend to pay the full price of the fence.

Consent from the other side owner is required for removing or even for any repair work to an existing fence. All this requires many hours of legal work to receive the awaited development approval. Count on Technik Homes for notices, encroachment, boundary-related activities and solving of any disputes that may emerge.

As the official council does not provide any approval inspection services since 2010, clients turn to our professionals at Technik Homes for those important inspection surveys. Contact us via email of telephone, let us appoint a meeting and get your development approval process going.