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Are you fed up of seeing the same home design patterns over and over again? Do you want to design your own house with your unique personal touch all over it? For all those clients who are not interested in the common popular house designs, at Technik Homes we help to realize their personal ideas and bring them to life.

Our custom house design service provides a tailored focus towards our client’s desires that can never go wrong. Our teams of architects, designers, engineers and builders provide a custom experience for every client because we know that every person deserves a personalized approach.

Communication is the key for a successfully accomplished project and for this reason we involve our clients into the project from the very beginning. Everything starts with a thorough brainstorming sessions with the aim to shape your ideal home. We come up with the initial plan and re-evaluate all important aspects so that we are all 100% sure that only the right decisions are taken. We like to create a bond with our customers, in order to understand what is important to them, so that we can deliver exactly what they want. Professional relationships could benefit from a bit of personal touch when we are talking about a customized personal house.


If you are in search of luxury home designs it is a far better idea to go for a customized solution that an already made luxury arrangement. Premium quality and execution cannot be found everywhere, but at Technik Homes we can assure you that everything will be accomplished according to your instructions.

Our customized home design service will end up the economic approach when going for a luxury finish. Why pay for features you will not use? Get only the aspects you are really going to use and appreciate, and leave out all unnecessary things that will just boost your bill.

Feel special with a home that is one of a kind! Contact Technik Homes for custom home designs in the city of Adelaide and the surrounding area. Send us a free query via our website contact form, an email or give us a call. Share your ideas and dreams with our team of visionaries and let us create a uniquely tailored home just for you!