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There is always so much talk about having a bigger home, getting a more substantial garden but the opposite action is rarely considered. Sometimes downsizing your home plan is a more sensible approach as there are many beneficial economic factors of getting your home downsized. Sometimes downsizing your home may leave enough land do build a second house that could be rented or even sold.

One of the more noticeable benefits is surely going to be lowering the bills. Whether we are talking about electricity, heating or cooling the difference will be obvious. The larger the living space is the harder it is to maintain pleasant temperature.

The idea of subdivisions is fairly simple. If you have a moderately sized piece of land that is rather large for a house for your liking, you may want to go for two separate buildings. You might think that if you go down that road your decisions will be seriously limited during the building stages but you are wrong. At Technik Homes we offer several building solutions to match your personal preference including duplexes, townhouses, units and battle axe blocks. Our experienced engineers and architects will figure out what solutions fit your block of land best.


When taking up a project of this kind the main concern is most likely going to be about how much of a good investment it is. At Technik Homes our subdivision costs in Adelaide are some of the best you can find. We know that figuring out how to invest your money is no easy task. This is why our sales consultants will follow you all the way though this complex transaction. In addition, we will cover all building regulations and council restrictions that may unravel themselves during the process of construction so that everything is legal and no setbacks occur.

No two building projects are alike and this is why our staff at Technik Homes looks after every single building project as if it is the only one. That way you get your project build from scratch individually and especially for your current case. If you have taken a liking to a piece of land, do not waste any time and contact our sales consultant for an immediate evaluation. Do not postpone your future home living – contact us today!